I'm very particular with the quality of handle materials, and I never use artificial materials. Only the absolute best of natural materials will ever meet with my blades.


Apart from the odd knife with a bolster of horn , tusk or hardwood bolsters are filed out of brass or massive Sterling Silver.

The examples shown display (from left to right) the following combinations:

1. Sterling Silver/Walrus Tusk/Caucasian Walnut

2. Brass/African Buffalo Horn/Masur-birch

3. Sterling Silver/ Narwhale Tusk/Desert Ironwood

 The handle materials proper fall in five major catagories:

Tusk (which are all legal ivory): Walrus (Greenland)

                                                      Narwhale (Greenland)

                                                      Mammoth (Siberia)

Hardwoods from the Northern Hemisphere: Curly Maple (North America)

                                                                          Bonewood (Sweden)

                                                                          Masur-birch (Belarussia)

                                                                          Black-oak (Denmark)

                                                                          Bruyere (Mediterranean Region)

                                                                          Caucasian Walnut (Asia Minor)

                                                                          Olive (Mediterranean Region)

                                                                          Elm Root (Denmark)

                                                                          Yew (Denmark)

Tropical hardwoods: Amboina (Indonesia)

                                   Snakewood (Viet Nam)

                                   Rio Palisander (Brazil) 

                                   Ebony (Cameroun)

                                   Desert Ironwood (Mexico) 

                                   Cuba Mahogany

Horn: Buffalo horn (Africa & India) 

           Saigak Antelope (Uzbekistan)

           Ram's horn (North America)

           Musk Ox horn (Greenland)

Antler: Elk (North America)

             Red Deer (Europe)

             Sambar (India)

             Moose (Sweden)


Of course there is almost no end to the combinations of all these.